Meet Margo

DSC00315Meet MarGO!

“The best questions lead to the best results!”

  • Who is Margo Geller?

I am an entrepreneur, counselor, coach, consultant, speaker and teacher.  Like many of my clients, a fulfilling professional life is essential to my happiness.  I began my career as an entrepreneur creating a successful catering business thirty-five years ago.  After selling my business, I pursued my lifelong desire to help people become happier, as a licensed clinical social worker.  Many years later I had an entrepreneurial opportunity to consult with a financial planning firm as an emotions management counselor and business development coach.  That experience put me on a new path which led to starting my own business again!  I now work at the intersection of psychology and business, as well as counseling and coaching.  I work with self employed professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs.   I’m known for my passion, wisdom, intuition, creative ideas and positive spirit!

How do you work with clients?

I offer many services, including individual counseling and coaching, workshops and presentations.  The initial assessment session is based on a comprehensive list of questions rather then traditional testing tools.  My role is to guide you through sessions and encourage introspection and honest self-discovery.  I offer insights and suggestions for positive changes.  Most of my work is done in person with follow up phone and e-mail coaching, based on individual needs.  Clients see me for many months and others for many years.  I strongly encourage  monthly maintenance sessions after a client achieves their initial goal.  

  • When do people hire you?

Typically people come to me when they are frustrated with not being able to create the change they want.  They are tired of feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.  They are ready to make a change and take action!  I have excellent qualifying questions, so I make sure we are a good fit and that I can easily help them become more hopeful, happier and successful!

  • Why do people hire you and what are your credentials?

I hold an undergraduate degree in psychology from Emory University and masters in social work from the University of Georgia.  Going back to my great grandparents, everyone has been an entrepreneur, business owner or self-employed professional.  Business is in my blood!  Since I was a small child, I’ve listened to a friend’s problems and tried my best to help them feel better.  As a counselor and business coach for over 35 years, I am very experienced and well respected among my peers.  I have helped hundreds of people create a work and personal life that exceeds what they thought was possible.  I have a great network and am a passionate connector!  Give me a call and see how I can help you!

Margo Geller, CSW, CRC

Professional Counselor, Business, Career and Life Coach


Location: 2801 Buford Highway NE Suite 503, Atlanta, GA 30329