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Do you ever worry or wonder what your retirement will be like?  The truth is there is no way of knowing what your retirement will be like till you get there.  It is kind of like having your first child.  Both are transitions you look forward to for many months and even years.  When it […]


Retirement Strategies: Sharing Resources

Sharing is a great option for supplementing financial and non-financial retirement resources. During the past several decades personal material consumption has overshadowed sharing.  People have lived in their own homes, driven their own cars and pretty much kept to themselves.  It’s amazing how many people have barely known their neighbors, much less shared something with […]

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Three Big Non-Financial Retirement Mistakes

When planning for retirement it is important to consider non-financial factors and how they will impact your quality of life.  The three biggest non-financial mistakes are failing to plan for how you will find meaning, being unprepared for how retirement will affect your relationships and underestimating the emotional impact of this transition. Retiring is a […]


Smart Retirement Planning

As a retirement and business coach, as well as a professional counselor, I know that retirement today is about more than financial security.  In the old retirement model there were fewer years to plan for since people didn’t expect to live to be 90 or older.  The focus was on protecting your money and participating […]