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As a Business, Career and Life Coach I understand the incredibly positive impact generosity has on work fulfillment, personal satisfaction, overall health and success!   With generosity the returns are huge. Businesses set themselves apart by being uniquely generous.   In the 80’s I built and sold a successful gourmet take out and delivery business. […]


Preparing for Self-Employment

Thinking about going out on your own can be exhilarating and exciting.  You fantasize about no more rules or micromanagers to deal with.  Your schedule will be up to you and finally you can take time off whenever you want to.   Your focus is only on the positive aspects of self-employment.  Unfortunately, there are […]


Three Big Non-Financial Retirement Mistakes

When planning for retirement it is important to consider non-financial factors and how they will impact your quality of life.  The three biggest non-financial mistakes are failing to plan for how you will find meaning, being unprepared for how retirement will affect your relationships and underestimating the emotional impact of this transition. Retiring is a […]


PR Professionals:  Pros at Being Responsive

If all my clients behaved like my Public Relations clients they would be so much more successful.  These PR professionals always get back to me on the same day that I contact them.  It is very impressive and refreshing. They learn this habit from their early years working for big PR agencies where the higher […]


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You’re Fired!. — Donald Trump on “The Apprentice” We’ve all been there – the pit in the stomach, the endless excuses, the countless delays. In our business lives, as well as personal, we often know we’d be better off if we could simply end a key, but troublesome, relationship. It’s time to say goodbye, but […]


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Formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune.” — Jim Rohn, Entrepreneur, Author and Motivational Speaker For the last decade, I have counseled entrepreneurs in their personal and professional lives, helping them build businesses and maintain happiness and fulfillment. Being an entrepreneur myself, who built and sold a catering […]


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