Earning What you are Worth

Over and Under Saving

I find money to be endlessly fascinating.  As a Life, Business and Career Coach, I help my clients make difficult decisions.  Most of these decisions revolve around money in one way or another.  Making better financial decisions is critical to personal and professional satisfaction and success! Whether you are an over or under spender there […]


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Many professionals and business owners get scared to raise their rate or ask for more money/compensation. They worry about when and how to do it. Money is the hardest topic to talk about. Why? It’s not an easy answer, but one thing I know is that money is emotional and we all have our “unique” […]

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Are you earning what you are worth?  Are you committed to doing what is in your client’s best interest?  Then you need to probably charge more! Why do so many independent consultants or self-employed professionals under charge? What can they easily do to get paid what they are worth! Use the “Buy the Package” Approach!  […]