Conflict Resolution

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That’s life! or It is what it is!  I hear those statements and want to speak up and say “Make Room For Your Feelings!”  You don’t have full control over what happens to you.  Things change whether you want them to or not.  Many times the feelings are unpleasant and uncomfortable.  It’s life!!! When something […]


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You are facing an important and difficult decision; such as leaving your job, ending a relationship or retirement. There are good reasons (high percentages) indicating a positive outcome.  Being scared doesn’t make sense. But you are and you wish you weren’t. If you dislike your job 70% to 100% of the time and you tried […]


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Interesting has become a very popular word.   It’s because it is being used in new ways.  You use it when you are too lazy or scared to be more precise or hide behind it instead of saying what you truly think or feel.  It’s no longer only about capturing someone’s curiosity or attention or […]