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That’s life! or It is what it is!  I hear those statements and want to speak up and say “Make Room For Your Feelings!”  You don’t have full control over what happens to you.  Things change whether you want them to or not.  Many times the feelings are unpleasant and uncomfortable.  It’s life!!! When something […]


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Before you say, “Yes” to a new job, business, relationship or lifestyle you want to first put your toe in the water.  Make sure the temperature feels fine or comfortable.  Reduce regrets and increase results by taking your time and testing the waters! Smart decisions come from smart due diligence.  List your “must haves” and […]


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I am a licensed counselor and business coach.  I work at the intersection of Psychology and Business.  I also work at the intersection of Counseling and Coaching.  What Intersection Are You At?  This is an important question to ask yourself.  Why? When you want to attract someone from a sea of prospects it is best […]


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Barbara Streisand sang “People, people who need people… Are the luckiest people in the world” These words still bring tears to my eyes.  You know you need people and yet you resist asking for help and don’t realize the impact on your personal and professional growth and happiness!  I’ve been there! By Support System, I […]


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Being likable is about as good as it gets. It enhances every relationship and makes life more enjoyable and fun! Likability is measured on a continuum.  There are few at the far ends and most are somewhere in the middle.  The good news is you can raise your likability if you want to. Being likable […]

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When you make a U-turn you probably aren’t happy about it.  How could you have made such a stupid mistake?  In a second something can change which forces a new decision or direction.  No matter how much you prepare, it is hard to know what something will be like till you get there.  One example […]


Preparing for Self-Employment

Thinking about going out on your own can be exhilarating and exciting.  You fantasize about no more rules or micromanagers to deal with.  Your schedule will be up to you and finally you can take time off whenever you want to.   Your focus is only on the positive aspects of self-employment.  Unfortunately, there are […]


Stressed or Depressed

As a Licensed Counselor and Coach, I work with clients going through Challenging Transitions, such as leaving their long time career, starting their own business or retiring.  They reach out to me because they are stressed and possibly depressed too. It is not uncommon for a client to acknowledge being stressed, but way less likely […]


Words have Power

As a Business Coach and Licensed Counselor, I readily point out to clients the impact of using a hedge word.  I’ll ask them to repeat the sentence they just said and take out the hedge word.  I watch them smile as they realize the difference.  Some examples include… I’m “kind of” frustrated with the slow growth of my […]


Ideal Referral Source Someone who really, really wants to help you and loves making connections is an Ideal Referral Source. They speak with enthusiasm, are very convincing and love to share whatever they are excited about whether it is a good restaurant or a job well done by a terrific professional. Your Ideal Referral source […]