Push Past Discomfort and Develop Confidence!

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Tired of struggling to maintain your confidence?  A confidence dip is very discouraging.  Self-Confidence matters more then anything.   Not having it or being able to maintain it is a huge handicap for achieving satisfaction and success!

Confidence requires being an effective emotions manager.  You can’t let feelings like frustration and fury derail you.  Learning how to manage these emotions is essential.  As a Business and Career Coach, I’m grateful for my expertise in emotions and stress management.

Self-Confidence stems from believing in yourself.  You trust your ability to handle perplexing problems.  In uncomfortable situations you rise above your fears and do what’s hard to do.  This takes commitment, courage and compassion.  Pushing past pain (emotional) is challenging for everyone!

Without confidence you are crippled and curtailed in living a better life.  It’s worth working on and here are some suggestions on how to do it…


  1. Beating up on yourself (negative self-talk)
  2. Focusing on what you didn’t  accomplish or achieve
  3. Comparing yourself to others
  4. Aiming for Perfection
  5. Thinking (negative predictions) and START… Making Room For Your Feelings.

“First Feel, Second Solve, Third Take Action” is my mantra!  When you feel bad and bypass your disappointment, anger or sadness you sabotage your best efforts to feel better.  Let’s say you don’t get or lose something important, like a client, job or relationship.  You are agitated and angry, as anyone would be.

How do you push past your discomfort or desire to not deal with “bad” feelings? I hate to say it, but it basically comes down to “Just Do It!”  Breathe deeply and step softly.  Dealing with discomfort works best when you take “baby” steps.

If you try my suggestions and are still struggling with self-confidence, then let’s talk!  I’ve helped hundreds of people become much happier.  I am confident that I can also help you!  Call or contact me through my website.

Cheers to Personal and Professional Growth!

Margo Geller, MS, CRC

Professional Counselor and Business, Career, Life Coach


MargoGeller @Gmail.com


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