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Learn from the Past

Live in the Present

Love your Potential!

Personal Growth and Career Success require Learning from Past experiences, Living in the Present and Loving your Potential.  With the help and support of a strong support team this tall order can take place.  Now for the How!

You learn from your past mistakes and successes by being aware and paying attention to what led to a bad or good outcome.  What were you doing?  Where were you? Who were you with?  By doing something slightly different, you will gradually learn a better way to get what you want or create more of it.

How do you live more fully in the present?  Focusing on your breath (slow inhales and exhales) and redirecting negative thoughts is very helpful.  Try softening sensations of tension throughout your body. Another suggestion is to do one thing at a time.  Multi-tasking makes it hard to be present.

As a Life, Business and Career Coach, I learn about your past and present experiences.  My goal is to help you Love Your Potential! Your undiscovered abilities and qualities are your potential.  I guide you through an in depth discovery process towards more confidence and commitment to change.

First you have to be open to viewing yourself with a new lens that highlights your best self.  Being stuck in self criticism or negative thinking is not permissible :)  Pay attention to top talents, past successes and the best parts of your personality!

Are you going through or considering a career or work life transition?  If you are and don’t have a professional on your support team, consider giving me a call.  I love to help people maximize what they learned from past mistakes, live more fully in the present and connect to their full potential.

Cheers to Personal and Professional Growth!

Margo Geller, MS, CRC

Professional Counselor and Business, Career, Life Coach



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