Competition and Cooperation: A Perfect Complement!

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Competition and Cooperation are complementary!  Working together they create more success!  Healthy competition brings out the best in yourself and others.  The best benefits come from meaningful collaboration, more discoveries, deeper connections and having fun!

Cooperation involves connecting and working with others who don’t see things the way you do.  When opposing opinions clash it’s important to hold on to yours while being open to finding common ground.  Engaging in a “give and take” exchange is essential.

Competition becomes unhealthy when you try to win in a vacuum and are solely motivated by the need to be the best or more powerful.  In the end, you achieve less power or admiration by winning with an aggressive attitude or mean spirit.

Creating a satisfying and successful Career or Business begins with a healthy dose of competition and cooperation.  I recommend first finding like minded experts to be your advisors.  Make sure they share your highest values and enjoy collaborative problem solving.

An Example:

A former client left the “big” firm to start his own consulting business.  To be competitive he needed a unique value proposition.  Together with a team of “open minded” experts he developed more and better questions for gathering important data.  I helped him integrate different suggestions to create a superior solution.

The tools I used were… “First Feel, Second Solve” and “Power of The Pause” 

As an Entrepreneurial business owner or Self employed professional having a healthy relationship with competition is essential for success.  As the visionary and leader of the team you set the stage for how success is achieved.  Make sure you keep your highest values and priorities front and center.  Lead with LovingKindness!

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Cheers to Personal and Professional Growth!

Margo Geller, MS, CRC

Professional Counselor and Business, Career, Life Coach



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