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Unless you have a crystal ball there is no way of knowing what the future will bring.  Not knowing may make you worry or feel powerless.  No amount of planning and preparing can fully protect you.  Getting Curious makes all the difference.

The proverb “Curiosity killed the cat” was originally “Care killed the cat”.   Care was defined as “worry”.   The message is worry is bad or worry can kill.  Curiosity is the opposite.  It creates confidence or  helps you feel secure instead of scared.

Curiosity helps you manage a worst case scenario.  What’s really neat is usually there’s a hidden treasure.  An unexpected “positive” outcome. Experience less stress by refocusing your mind away from fearful thoughts towards positive possibilities.  Think adventure!

You assume a researcher role when you become curious.  Will your hypothesis (they won’t hire me because…) be correct? What surprises are you in store for?  Will you create another hypothesis (they will hire me because…) with this new information?  Being curious keeps you calmer and happier!

Being open to the benefits of success and failure can turn your life around.  You worry less because you know that either way you are a winner!  Most people learn way more from their failures.  On the flip side, success and accomplishments are super valuable and need to be celebrated!

Try getting curious next time you catch yourself worrying or making a negative prediction about the future.  First pay attention to any tightening in your body and take some slow deep breaths.

Adapt a curious mindset and change your life!

Margo Geller, MS, CRC

Professional Counselor and Business, Career, Life Coach



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