Decisions, Emotions and Percentages

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You are facing an important and difficult decision; such as leaving your job, ending a relationship or retirement. There are good reasons (high percentages) indicating a positive outcome.  Being scared doesn’t make sense. But you are and you wish you weren’t.

If you dislike your job 70% to 100% of the time and you tried everything you know to make it better, then you need to leave.  There are no guarantees, but paying attention to positive percentages puts you in line for more happiness and success!

Percentages prove your likelihood of making the right or wrong decision.  They are ignored when you experience lower confidence and self esteem.  Your heart also plays a part.  New research honors heart over brain based decisions for creating a better life!

By positive percentages, I mean the probability is over 70%.  There is always a range.  How you feel can change in a minute!  Your emotional state fluctuates.   I use a 1-10 scale with 7-10 being the “feel good” range, 4-6 is okay and 1-3 is bad!

You will find a new (and better) job, relationship or life if you do proper planning.  Create “ideal profiles” using bullet points to state your “must haves”.  This is similar to creating a picture or vision of your life in the new job, relationship or post retirement life.

When your logical mind lets your emotions (fear) make the decision the results aren’t good, in fact it’s about 100%!  Commit to managing your fears by fiercely pushing past your discomfort and getting the “right” people in place to support you.

Cheers to personal and professional growth!

Margo Geller, MS, CRC

Professional Counselor and Business, Career, Life Coach



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