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Are you thinking about leaving your job, career or business? Scared of disappointing or upsetting someone?  Try saying… “Things Have Changed!”  Then stop talking.  An explanation is not necessary or helpful.  This is an example of “less is more!”

Delving into the details weakens the power behind your message.  Make it easier to digest by staying simple and secure.  You want to convey certainty and not have them think they can talk you out of your decision.  Make yourself bulletproof by stating a fact and shutting up!

When you want to retire, end a relationship or relocate away from friends and family you stress about how to deliver your difficult message.  Change creates discomfort by definition!  Everyone will adjust and be fine over time.

As a Business, Career and Life Coach, I have the opportunity to positively impact my clients with simple suggestions like saying “things have changed” and nothing more.  It’s fun to witness their body and face relaxing.  I sense their desire to do it.

Shifting into explaining or justifying makes it harder for everyone to feel good.  Your insecurities (or fears) show up and interfere with your clarity and confidence.  You risk losing your determination and drive.  Stay with the facts for more satisfaction and success!

What you purposely don’t say, the other person probably already knows.  There is no good reason to rehash or reexplain.  Leave it be.  It’s tempting in the moment and this is when centering and focusing on your breath is needed.  It also helps to have a coach with a counseling background and teaches conscious breathing.

Interested in doing your next break up differently?  Now you have a powerful new tool to use.  If you want help, let me know.  It would be my pleasure to help you!  Call or contact me through my website, anytime!

Cheers to personal and professional growth!


MarGO Geller, MS, CRC

Professional Counselor and Business, Career, Life Coach



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