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What are healthy money habits? How do you develop them?  Why is it helpful to focus on money habits when going through a Career, Job or Business transition?  Whether or not you are going through a transition, having a healthier relationship with money impacts all areas of your life.

Money Habits are like eating habits.  They are hard to change.  The big difference is eating rules are constantly changing.  When I was a child butter was bad and margarine was good.  Now it’s the opposite.  With money the story stays the same.

You have a “Money Story.”  I believe your money story matters as much as your life story.  You regularly decide how much to spend or not spend on a particular item or service.  Sometimes you feel good about your money decisions and other times you feel bad.  From there good or bad habits develop.

To have a healthier relationship with money you need to know why money is mostly emotional.  You lean towards over or under confidence.  Neither are reality!  This is why it’s the hardest thing to talk about.  You fear criticism, judgement or loss of privacy.

As a Business and Career Coach, I help clients manage their money story and habits.  When making a career or job change money naturally comes into play.  Can you afford to make less (at first!)?  What sacrifices are you willing to make?  Everything is a trade-off!

Bad money habits can be broken.  All habits are breakable.  The consequences need to be significant and painful.  The pain of continuing needs to be greater then the difficulty of doing something different.  Breaking a bad habit requires persistence and patience.  Be sure you have good support secured.

Start small.  Commit to doing something that makes you “a little” uncomfortable.  Experiment with not spending when you feel bad… just one time!  Call me if you have a question or want to schedule an “Advice Only” session.  There is a contact form on my website!

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