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Interesting has become a very popular word.   It’s because it is being used in new ways.  You use it when you are too lazy or scared to be more precise or hide behind it instead of saying what you truly think or feel.  It’s no longer only about capturing someone’s curiosity or attention or interest!

As  a Business, Life and Career Coach, I catch people saying something was interesting and immediately ask for a more descriptive word.  Then I ask why!

Interesting has become limp and lifeless.  When you hear someone say, “That is an interesting idea or she is an interesting person” what do you take away?  Basically nothing that matters much.

Sharing something specific requires making a commitment to a word that may make you feel vulnerable.  Interesting was never meant to be the play it safe form of communication it has become.

Some Examples:

  1. Check out this link.  It’s so interesting. (vague)
  2. You aren’t satisfied and say the results were interesting (hiding)
  3. That article or book was interesting (vague)
  4. You describe a soup as interesting rather then tasteless. (hiding)
  5. *A colleague let’s you know something interesting is going on in the break room (this is appropriate).  Your interest is aroused :-)

I bet this blog will influence your awareness of “Interesting” and make you smile when you hear it.   Unfortunately, Interesting’s new uses can cause unnecessary damage to a relationship.  Please take notice of how you probably mis-use “Interesting” too!

Test yourself on when and why you say, “Interesting”. How often are you being vague or avoiding the truth?  This may be a perfect opportunity to do a Professional Advice Session rather than engage in coaching.  The first step is a complimentary consultation!

MarGO Geller, MS, CRC

Professional Counselor and Business, Career, Life Coach



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