Test The Waters, Before Diving In

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Before you say, “Yes” to a new job, business, relationship or lifestyle you want to first put your toe in the water.  Make sure the temperature feels fine or comfortable.  Reduce regrets and increase results by taking your time and testing the waters!

Smart decisions come from smart due diligence.  List your “must haves” and know the important questions to ask.  You don’t want to do a belly flop!  There are many ways to test something out.  Some examples are dating, interning, shadowing and volunteering.

Tips for Testing The Waters and Getting Good Results!

1. Commit to taking more time then you probably want to.
2. Have an Ideal Profile completed and use it!
3. Pay attention to the details. Ask more questions. Dig deeper!
4. Take time to reflect and refocus if necessary.
5. Share your strategy with an accountability partner.
6. Hire a Life, Career or Business Coach!

What I’ve learned from personal and professional experiences is it pays off in so many ways when you don’t just jump in.  Stopping and Thinking before acting, allows you to connect to your core values and commit to doing what is right for you!

To some degree everyone evaluates or explores before “diving in!” The problem is they don’t widen the lens when a red flag appears.  Red signals danger, so you avoid knowing more because you assume it will make you feel worse.  I see red as an opportunity and know there are many fish in the waters!

Seventeen years ago, I transitioned from psychotherapist to Personal and Business Development Coach.  A part time opportunity came my way and I took it.  I tested the waters for two years before going out on my own.  The transition was less stressful and I soared sooner!

Are you thinking about a new job, career or business idea?  Let’s talk!  Call today and schedule a complimentary consultation, so we can check each other out!

MarGO Geller, MS, CRC

Professional Counselor and Business, Career, Life Coach




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