Sometimes You Only Want Some Suggestions or Advice!

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Coaching isn’t for everyone.  You may only want advice on best practices or pitfalls to avoid.  You don’t want or maybe even need someone to hold you accountable or help you stay motivated.

Good advice is very valuable.  I now offer “Advice Only” as one of my services.  You pay by the hour for an in-person or phone meeting.   Later we can move into Business, Career or Life Coaching, if it makes sense and the fit is right.

I was influenced to make this change when working with a client, a Business and Life coach!  While discussing her business she mentioned charging for consulting only.  What a brilliant idea!  I was excited about a new opportunity!

Being open minded makes building a business easier and more fun!

My clients continually inspire me to be more and grow!  This particular client hired me to be her mentor and business coach.  She wanted to work with someone who had a lot of experience and expertise.  She understood the importance of first sitting in her client’s seat.

Good Professional Advice goes a long way.  It’s different from reading a top selling business book or going to a business building seminar.  You are unique and so are your needs.  A book or seminar can’t ask you specific questions related to your personal situation.

Depending on your resources, time, energy and money, it may be best to start with my “Advice Only” option.  After you are more established we can talk about a short coaching contract.  I’m a big believer in starting small and taking small steps.

To set up an “Advice Only” conversation, give me a call or send an inquiry through my website.  Always happy to hear from you!

MarGO Geller, CSW, CRC

Professional Counselor and Business, Career, Life Coach


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