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Are you Considering Self-Employment or Changing Careers?  Worried about the financial cost and making wise financial decisions?  It can bog you down when trying to grow a business or your career.

In business you have to spend money to make money.  I knew that when I started my first business.  It was still hard to spend my savings.  Because I believed in “no pain-no gain” I forged forward. I pushed past my fears and got good support.

What helped me most was having some success in place.  I grew my catering business and was making a decent profit.  Now I needed more space.  Moving meant spending a significant sum of money.  My financial advisor, business coach and counselor helped me through this trying decision process.

Building a better business means spending money to learn and grow! You want to buy the best business and personal growth books and hopefully hire Expert Professionals too!  There is a strong emotional side to Business and Money.  Decision-making can stress you out.

You need several people to help you be a smart spender. I suggest finding a business growth buddy and have a weekly accountability and collaboration conversation. Commit to being creative with your business-building budget.  Be resourceful!

Would you like to create a meaningful change in your career or business? If so, then let’s talk!  Call me to schedule a short complimentary consultation.  I’m ready when you are!

MarGO Geller, LCSW

Licensed Counselor and Business, Career, Life Coach




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