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Margo Geller

 I am MarGO Geller, a personal and business development coach working at the intersection of psychology and business. My unique combination of counseling and coaching talents helps my clients get quicker and better results! I combine competence, compassion and creativity to help my clients stay focused, motivated and successful.

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Hiring Margo as my business coach was the best decision I have ever made, and was worth every dime! Working with her has helped me and my business soar!
June Carlson
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Robust Referral Relationships:  Part One

February 24, 2015
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Ideal Referral Partner A strong referral partnership with another professional is the fast track to getting more and better clients. An Ideal Referral Partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship with a complimentary and non-competing professional or someone within your profession who has a complimentary specialty.  An Ideal Referral Partner across professions could be a real […]

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Business Building 101: Attention, Affection, Appreciation

February 11, 2015
Attention, Affection, Appreciation

As a personal and business coach, I believe in the power of Attention, Affection and Appreciation, “The Three A’s”.  You can be great at what you do, but if you don’t pay attention and express appreciation for the relationships you care most about, your business won’t thrive.  By practicing a daily awareness of The Three […]

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PR Professionals:  Pros at Being Responsive

January 28, 2015
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If all my clients behaved like my Public Relations clients they would be so much more successful.  These PR professionals always get back to me on the same day that I contact them.  It is very impressive and refreshing. They learn this habit from their early years working for big PR agencies where the higher […]

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Personal and Business Coaching Group

October 20, 2014
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Celebrate Collaborate Commiserate Personal and Business Coaching Group This group is designed to meet the unique needs of Self-Employed Professionals, Business Owners, Independent Contractors and Freelancers   Meet Every Other Tuesday 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM Maximum of 8 people* $65 per session Three month commitment *A pre-qualifying telephone interview is required to join the group

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Journaling: A Business Development Tool

September 24, 2014
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A Feelings Journal is a good tool for gaining greater insight and control over the emotions which impact your business development decisions. We all know that emotionally based decisions do not lead to the best results.  Writing is a safe way to explore, express and process these emotions.  A Feelings Journal can help you focus […]

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Harness the Power of Unhappiness

September 10, 2014
power of unhappiness

We know when we are unhappy and though it does not feel good, it is not all bad.  Unhappiness is opportunity knocking. Unhappiness has a variety of faces.  It can feel like having less energy, being more irritable, not enjoying what used to lift your spirits or warm your heart, ruminating in negative thoughts, feeling […]

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The Riches are in The Niches

July 23, 2014

As a business development consultant and coach I know “the riches are in the niches”. Your niche is where your experience, expertise and reputation come together, and it is a great way to leverage your business and increase your income. It is a common misconception to believe that you will get more business by casting […]

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Find Fantastic Clients

April 22, 2014
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Find fantastic clients by using Ideal Profiles.  Focus on what you want and you will get it! Ideal Profiles are a powerful business development tool for attracting the best clients and improving quality of life.  Use my Ideal Profile system to identify individual relationships in your network that are mutually beneficial and make you feel […]

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Being Happy Pays

September 18, 2013
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Money can’t buy happiness, but being happy pays! Increasing your happiness offers benefits beyond making more money. Benefits include better relationships with co- workers, colleagues, clients and customers, less stress when the going gets tough, easier to attract interviews or clients, a better work/life balance and more fun! Some people don’t care about making more […]

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