I am MarGO Geller, a licensed counselor, business coach and certified “retirement options” coach working at the intersection of psychology, business and retirement.  My unique combination of counseling and coaching talents helps my clients get quicker and better results!  I combine competence, compassion and creativity to help my clients stay focused, motivated and successful.

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Hiring Margo as my business coach was the best decision I have ever made, and was worth every dime! Working with her has helped me and my business soar!
June Carlson
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A Better Way To Accomplish A Goal

October 4, 2016
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Setting a goal is easy compared to accomplishing it.  The cycle starts with making progress.  Then comes the setback.   You engage in negative self-talk (what’s wrong with me or I should have…) or you make excuses.  The goal isn’t accomplished.  You feel bad. As a Coach I help people prepare, set and achieve goals. […]

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Why It’s Good To Feel Bad

September 7, 2016
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It is Good To Feel Bad.  I know that sounds crazy, but I promise it isn’t.  Feeling bad gives you an opportunity to grow.  People and Businesses grow because they are willing to be uncomfortable.  Success requires living outside your comfort zone.  “No Pain, No Gain” refers to emotional pain. Transitions stir up feelings.  They […]

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Nothing Matters If You Don’t Like Yourself

August 22, 2016
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When you don’t like yourself you can’t enjoy your success!  You don’t see any light because you are under a dark cloud.  Your negative thoughts are dictators directing you away from positive experiences.  Liking your self starts with stopping your mind when it wanders into dangerous waters. Successful people can be hard on themselves.  When […]

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The Truth About Retirement

August 9, 2016
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Do you ever worry or wonder what your retirement will be like?  The truth is there is no way of knowing what your retirement will be like till you get there.  It is kind of like having your first child.  Both are transitions you look forward to for many months and even years.  When it […]

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Likability in Business and Life

August 2, 2016
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Being likable is about as good as it gets. It enhances every relationship and makes life more enjoyable and fun! Likability is measured on a continuum.  There are few at the far ends and most are somewhere in the middle.  The good news is you can raise your likability if you want to. Being likable […]

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What Do You Want?

July 19, 2016
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If you don’t know what you want you won’t get it.  I bet you have heard that before.  It isn’t easy to know what you want.  Even if you know it may not be what you really want. Just because we think it’s true doesn’t mean it is. As a Licensed Counselor, Career, Business and […]

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Asking For Help

July 11, 2016
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Why can it be so hard to ask for help?  For me I fear making an unreasonable request.  I think they are too busy and would rather be doing something else.  Whether they say no or yes I feel bad.  This is a no win situation and luckily I’ve made progress! When they say yes, […]

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June 30, 2016

What is the difference between an emotion and a feeling?  People confuse them all the time.  For years I thought they were basically the same thing.  Now I know they aren’t.  In fact the differences are quite significant and important to understand. Emotions equal body sensations and thoughts.  They are an intense reaction to an […]

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Knowing What To Do Is The Easy Part

June 21, 2016
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Many Professionals and Business Owners spend hundreds of dollars on workshops and seminars.  Incredible amounts of “good” information are consumed at conferences.  What happens when you get back to your private practice or business? Do you implement what you learned? Why do I believe that Knowing What To Do Is The Easy Part?  Because it […]

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Schedule A Free Consultation Today!

June 15, 2016
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You have seen “Schedule A Free Consultation Today!” or something similar.  Guess where you can find it?  That’s right, it is on the home page of MargoGeller.com!  This offer is important for so many reasons. The main reason is to make it easy for someone to contact and connect with you. As a Licensed Counselor […]

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